Friday, December 08, 2006

NEW! From Judgment Collection Specialists, Inc.

NEW and FASTER Bank Account Searches

Our customers have spoken, and we have listened. For months we have been refining our bank account searches. We have several exciting announcements.

FASTER CYCLE TIME !! #5 Bank Account Search

For our standard bank account search offering – offered at $179 – we are pleased to announce that our cycle time has improved from 60 days or more to 45 days (or less) to maximum 60 days.

Positive results that require more than a 60 day cycle time will be billed at ½ the hit charge.

NEW and FASTER Bank Account Search - #6 Enhanced Bank Account Search - Only $329

We are very pleased to announce a greatly enhanced Bank Account Search offering at a very competitive price. Our newest Bank Account Search - #6 Enhanced Bank Acount Search – offers these advantages:

-- 10 Day Turnaround
-- Bank Balances when over $100 {balanced under $100 are considered “no hit”}
-- Exact Names(s) on Account
-- Banking Branch where Account was Opened

NEW Asset Search - #8 – Ultimate Asset Search Package - Only $398 - $30 Discount off combined price

Our newest comprehensive package combines and discounts our two best packages for the Ultimate Asset Search Package:

New #6 Bank Account with 10 day turnaround PLUS #4 Enhanced Property Search
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