Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sorry, we're not John Wayne!

No, really. We aren't the Magnificent Seven, or Charles Bronson, or Stephen Segall.

When we do our work, we aren't "exacting vengeance". Or "hanging them high". Or "teaching them a lesson".

We' re just a company that collects judgments and performes asset searches.

Many individuals and business persons who call us are just plain mad. And, rightly so. They've been ripped off by a neighbor, colleague, friend, business partner, ex-loved one. They were mad enough to take those dirty rotten scoundrels to court. Now they've got their judgment, and by golly, they are going to "get back" at those people.

These are our most difficult customers. They don't mean to be. But they are, because it's impossible to accomplish what they really want. And that is - to have peace and emotional absolution in regards to their judgment debtor.

For these customers, we really must offer a reality check. Here we go:

1) Recovering your money is not like the "Gunfight at the OK Corral". We don't hunt people down and shoot them. Or "hang 'em high". That's not why we exist. We collect on civil judgments and provide research. That's all.

2) We cannot ensure that your debtor will feel "punished". We can't promise that they will "learn a lesson". We can't tell you that our processes forces them to cross over from darkness to light. Why? Because - this is an important life lesson - no one can control others. Not us, not you, not the law. Sure, you can subject your debtors to the law, but you can't change their minds, hearts or destiny. Period.

3) We can't promise your judgment or research will render the results you want. Your debtor may not own assets and/or live in a debtor-friendly state which makes the judgment difficult to collect at this time. Don't get mad at us if that's the case. It's not our fault!

4) We especially can't promise you that getting what you want from us will bring you peace of mind. Having peace about your current situation is a spiritual and emotional matter. It's not dependent on our success.

We can't tell you how many times we have made a successful discovery, or recovery, for an emotional client, only to have them turn on us because getting the recovery or successful research did not bring about the emotional consequences they wanted. They thought they would be happy. It didn't turn out that way.

At some point, before contacting us, a creditor needs to separate their emotions from their case. After a creditor has calmed down, our company will be happy to deal with the case, and the case only. We will strive to bring about the best possible resolution. The resolution will be strictly monetary in nature, and will hopefully help you deal with the financial (and not emotional) losses from your case.

But we cannot help you with the emotional issues. Those painful emotionals - the anger, hurt, betrayal, back-stabbing, lying, cheating, fraud - are best dealt with by looking inside oneself and/or talking to a trusted friend, counselor, spiritual advisor and/or God. Only by looking inside and/or gaining the insight from more appropriate sources can a person deal with the emotional issues that come with the judgment.

Because money - and our company - can't buy that kind of peace.


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