Thursday, January 11, 2007

Q & A about our Bank Account Search:

Q: Are you able to find more than one bank account with your bank account search?
A: Yes. By request, when choosing a #6 Enhanced Bank Account Search, we can locate more than one bank account.

Q: What are the costs associated with finding multiple bank accounts?
A: The price we quote on the website for a #6 Enhanced Bank Account Search - $329 - finds one bank account ($75 no hit fee, then $254 with a hit). For each additional account located, we charge $239 per hit. There are no more hit fees. The customer will need to specify how many accounts they want to be searched.

Q: Can you locate multiple accounts with your less expensive search (#5 Bank Accont Search).
A: Sorry, that search employs a different methodology. It finds only one account.

Q: What are your hit rates?
A: A #5 Bank Account search has hit rates between 30 - 40%; the #6 Enhanced Bank Account Search has hit rates between 70 - 80%.

Q: Why are there no hit fees to begin with? If there's an account, won't you find it?
A: Many persons do not understand the purpose of a bank account search. The search does not verify whether or not an account exists; it seeks to find the location of an existing account. This is an important distinction. If our company comes back from a search with a no hit, we are not saying an account does not exist. We are saying that we were unable to locate it. Our hit rates are stellar in the industry, and no provider will have a hit rate of 100%.

Q: I'd like to get a bank account search on my aunt Hilda, just because...
A: Sorry! We can't help you...nor should any one else. For individuals to access our asset search services, they must provide documentation which substantiates that they are in legal proceedings. Only attorneys and private investigators may use our asset search services without presenting evidence that they are in process of civil litigation.

See our website at, especially the FAQ and Asset Search sections.

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